Josh Stine

Josh Stine is the co-founder and CEO of Seat Insiders, an event ticket concierge agency serving companies and individuals around the world. Before starting Seat Insiders, Josh was the COO of Happy Valley Tickets for three years. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Josh worked in cyber security and management consulting at PwC, serving Fortune-500 clients and the federal government. Josh has also started several other successful side hustles over the past four years but has turned his focus solely to Seat Insiders since its founding.

Josh is passionate about helping people create meaningful experiences in life through live events. A native of State College, PA after receiving his bachelor’s in cybersecurity from Penn State, Josh moved to the Washington DC metro area before moving abroad. In August 2018, he moved to Scotland with his partner to support her in completing her master’s degree at the University of Edinburgh. Since moving abroad, he has been able to travel to more than 10+ new countries, expand his business internationally, and live life on his terms.

In his spare time, Josh enjoys attending events like many of his clients do, playing soccer, cheering on Penn State Football, and exploring the world. Passionate about financial independence and self-improvement, you can find him frequently listening to his favorite podcasts and audiobooks. Josh has been featured in multiple media outlets for his work, including Forbes, NerdWallet, and Earnest. When not working, you can find Josh spending time with his partner planning their next trip or discovering new life hacks.

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